ARC053: The Vichy Government - Vanity Publishing

Vanity Publishing

Artist: The Vichy Government

Release Date: 13th April 2009

Release Type: Album

Formats: Download

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We've collected together all our singles, and some other even rarer tracks - covers of Nirvana, Jona Lewie and Cher. As to brief band biography/background/profile, I've been doling out this crap for six years and I really can't be bothered. Write your own fucking review. I couldn't care less whether you listen to the thing or not. Just bang your head on the typewriter til you have your 500 characters, then submit that. I guarantee you'll have made much more sense than any other music journalist has managed to before.

1. Bothered
2. My Mail-Order Bride
3. Suspended On Full Pay
4. Rubbish
5. The Reichstag Is On Fire
6. Stop The Cavalry
7. Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
8. Heart Shaped Box
9. Luke Haines Is Dead
10. Elvis & The Beatles
11. Whore Of Babylon
12. The Blues Will Have To Wait
13. Shoulder To Shoulder