ARC026: The Violets - Troubles Of Keneat

Troubles Of Keneat

Artist: The Violets

Release Date: 1st October 2007

Release Type: Single

Formats: 7", download

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1. Troubles of Keneat
2. Feast on You

The Violets are a band capable of taking on many forms, and after the thrilling post-post-punk triumphance of last release 'Foreo', they have come back with something entirely different.

Troubles Of Keneat is a hedonistic coldwave-disco track with icy sharp synths, sleazy bass, and a guitar loop that reinvents Bowie's Fashion as breaking glass. It is equal parts disco-noir and taut vamp-funk. Alexis warns of Rimbaud-esque debauchery whilst seemingly existing as its very personification. The result is a frenzy of white noise fractured by shards of melody; existing as much for the dancehall as the underworld.