ARC055: The Vichy Government - The Man Delusion

The Man Delusion

Artist: The Vichy Government

Release Date: 21st June 2009

Release Type: Single

Formats: Download

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1. The Man Delusion
2. Flytipping

In 325, the First Council of Nicea identified Jesus Christ as being of the same substance or essence as God, and co-eternal with him. "Θεόν αληθινόν εκ Θεού

αληθινού" (true God from true God).

In 408, St Augustine published De Genesi ad Literam, which argued that the Story of Genesis was intended as an allegory and not literal truth, otherwise it

would contradict science and reason; "our authors knew the truth about the nature of the skies, but it was not the intention of the Spirit of God, who spoke through them, to teach men anything that would not be of use to them for their salvation".

In 431, the First Council of Ephesus met to anathemise the teachings of Nestorius as heresy; he had stated that Jesus Christ had a double nature and that his human and divine essences were separate entitities; therefore Mary was Χριστόςτόκος (mother of Christ) but not Θεοτόκος (mother of God).

In 1521, the Diet of Worms assembled to decide the fate of Martin Luther, author of the 95 Theses which challenged corruption within the Catholic Church, in particular the sale of indulgences. Luther refused to recant and told the assembly, "Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir. Amen."

On 22 June 2009, The Vichy Government will release their new single 'The Man Delusion' (backed with 'Flytipping'), avaible as digital download or on CD.

'The Man Delusion' sees Jamie Manners and Andrew Chilton at their best; it is a riposte to the recent proliferation of Fashion Atheists who want a big shiny medal for substituting Christ with Charles Darwin, and it sounds like 'Glass of Champagne' by Sailor.

'Flytipping' is a lighthearted look at one of the favourite pastimes for residents of the London Borough of Hackney, propelled by a monstrous riff that will live long in the memory of the 5 people who hear it.

The Vichy Government are authors of three albums (Carrion Camping, Whores In Taxis, White Elephant) and one compilation (Vanity Publishing). They have supported the Schmissor Sisters and some other famous people, yadda yadda yadda.

Praise for White Elephant

"Conceptually pisspoor and hideously executed vacious casio holocaust, waste-of-effort album of total megashit" - Playlouder

"Plenty of thrills... a Hogarthian portrayal of modern urban life in its vapid, rampantly consumerist, hollow, violent ingloriousness" - MusicOMH

"How many times can I use the word "shit" in one sentence? When I took the CD out of my laptop, I held it in my hands, staring at it for a whole minute or two. I could feel the anger rising inside me, my face growing red" - R*E*P*E*A*T

"Their best effort yet and a perfectly realised piece of work... quite simply an essential record" – Drownedinsound