ARC041: Je Suis Animal - Self-Taught Magic From A Book

Self-Taught Magic From A Book

Artist: Je Suis Animal

Release Date: 1st December 2008

Release Type: Album

Formats: CD, download

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Self-Taught Magic From a Book was recorded on a trip to an old community hall, deep within the remote woodlands of Norway. Besieged by hungry bears and curious locals, they recorded the album themselves over 7 days, going without sleep, and living on nothing but tea and gingerbread men. The album rolls effortlessly from bouncy and jangly to dreamy and hypnotic, to haunting and sparse. Interwoven is a particular kind of lyrical storytelling; tales of unsolved murder mysteries, snowflake collecting, magic spells, and the joys of sharing milkshakes. The album has received excellent reviews in both Norway and Australia where it was released on Lost & Lonesome Recording Co. In March 2008 Je Suis Animal were interviewed in the UK music magazine Plan B. Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq have played songs from the album on their BBC Radio shows - Lamacq commenting, "this is one of those engaging records you come across".

1. Secret Place
2. The Mystery Of Marie Roget
3. Beginning Of Time
4. Indifferent Boy
5. Rousseau World
6. Hotel Electrique
7. Indoors Out Of Doors
8. Good To Me
9. It's Love
10. Amundsen
11. Fortune Map
12. Across The Line
13. Sparkle Spit