ARC059: Gyratory System - Sea Containers House

Sea Containers House

Artist: Gyratory System

Release Date: 21st October 2009

Release Type: Single

Formats: 7", download

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1. Gyratory System - Sea Containers House
2. Gyratory System - Wake-Up Juice
3. Gyratory System - The Hardest Science To Forget
4. Gyratory System - Shirley Crabtree

'Sea Containers House' is the first physical single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album 'The Sound-Board Breathes'.

Gyratory System create instrumental tracks using what they call 'The Process' - a mixture of a fixed backing tracks married with woodwind improvisation which is then chopped up and processed in unusual ways.
Yet out of this mysterious birth comes tracks that are as suited to a dancefloor as they are the world of the contemporary avant-garde. Their motorik brass and woodwind counterblast to indifference has let the tongues of the blog world wagging. 20jazzfunkgreats are particular supporters, saying 'we pace in confinement with a dippy feelings grin in our lips, this is the off one's feed of shit that keeps us going'.

RCRD LBL praised Gyratory System for their 'infinite aural comfort. Four-to-the-floor but oddly unhinged.the light-year become bored with relic of an general area marching band'.

Vice have called Gyratory System 'Liquid ecstasy'

NME compared Barons Court Turret to Kraftwerk, The Normal and Art Of Noise while describing it as 'lurchy, lovely thing.'

The 7" features one b-side 'The Hardest Science To Forget' while the download EP version features 4 tracks in total.