ARC004: Various Artists - Rip Off Your Labels: More Angular Product

Rip Off Your Labels: More Angular Product

Artist: Various Artists

Release Date: 28th June 2004

Release Type: Compilation

Formats: CD, download

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The Angular Recording Corporation is very proud to announce the release of
their second compilation album on 14th June 2004, titled 'RIP OFF YOUR

Their first release 'The New Cross : An Angular Sampler' was an instant
success, selling out in two weeks and kick-starting the careers of current
media darlings Art Brut and Bloc Party. Released at the end of last year the first Angular sampler showcased 14 up and coming bands, mostly with some loose connection with the New Cross area. "Unsigned bands not shit shocker!" screamed the NME who awarded it a very respectable 7/10. Art Brut's track 'Formed A Band' was recently re-released by Rough Trade and became a bona fide hit single.

Such was the quality of the compilation that a well known A&R guru called up to ask which of the acts were worthy of further investigation. "All of them!" was the bemused response from Angular supremos, Joe D and Joe M.

And now, with tunes that you¹ll whistle as you walk through the park, 'RIP

There are fourteen tracks comprising of the finest in anti-art-punk-electro-new-wave-pop, from New Cross, Deptford and beyond; some old ARC favourites, and some new ARC favourites. And every one's a 21st century classic!

"The kind of autonomous, get-up-and-go counterculture not seen since punk... southeast London appears to be burning" - NME
At this time we also received our very first fan mail, from Keith Boadwee in San Francisco:

"joe and joe:

the new cross cd is great (it’s really treasured and i am the envy of my record geek friends!) and i love the rip off your labels as well. again, thanks so much for sending me the cd. each week it seems another band or track is my favourite. was spinning some tracks tonight and “trouble in the palace” went over big. attached is a picture of me jumping off the roof of my house (leap into the yard). it’s a piss take on the yves klein leap into the void image (which i really love).
keith boadwee, san fran"


1. The Vichy Government - I Control Discourse
2. The Violets - Stealer
3. Art Brut - Top Of The Pops
4. The Fucks - Argos
5. The Long Blondes - Autonomy Boy
6. Showboys - Factory
7. The Swear - Advert Boy
8. The Boyfriends - No Tomorrow
9. Sweetie - Fall For Your Lies
10. Elizabeth Harper - Trouble In The Palace
11. Gifthorse - Happy Daggers
12. Lovers Of Today - A Short Nasty Shock
13. luxembourg - Let Us Have It
14. The Rocks - We Got It (Galen Remix)