ARC073: Gyratory System - Pamplona


Artist: Gyratory System

Release Date: 15th June 2010

Release Type: Single

Formats: Download single

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1. Pamplona
2. Colonel

Dr Andrew Blick, the effects trumpet player, producer and driving force behind Gyratory System and “The Process”, the recording and production technique he created returns with a brand new Single Pamplona on 14 June 2010, designed to get you running with the bulls this summer.

The beat-heavy Pamplona retains the avant dancefloor sensibility of Blick’s previous releases (album ‘The Sound-Board Breathes” and EP “Yowser Yowser Yowser”) yet takes in playful new influences from 1940s Bebop phrasing and 1960s girl groups. Backed with Colonel - a track inspired by a French alcoholic pudding - this duo of tracks is a natural progression from the earlier Gyratory System material in advance of their new album due early 2011.