ARC016: These New Puritans - Now Pluvial

Now Pluvial

Artist: These New Puritans

Release Date: 30th October 2006

Release Type: EP

Formats: 7", download

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1. Elvis
2. C16th
3. En Papier

Incendiary debut EP and a musical metallurgical artefact that is as vital and important to modern music as Leonardo da Vinci was to science and art.

These New Puritans inhabit the same psycho-geographical territory as early Sonic Youth or Einsturzende Neubauten; this is the music of the dark corners - indeed their home town Southend is somewhat of a dark corner itself - within reach of London's sphere of influence but isolated enough to breed the sense of outsiderness and uncomfortable enough to create the kind of intensity this record displays. Clad in a uniform of funereal black and skinny trousers, part intellectual-salon part youth-movement - These New Puritans combine a violent punk-rock intensity and immediacy with experimental, almost IDM leanings. Their lyrics that draw influence from the grimoires of the 16th century, the Elizabethan magic-man John Dee and David Lynch's Twin Peaks (this is also evident from the sleeve).

After recording demos with James Ford (Klaxons, Test Icicles, Mystery Jets, Arctic Monkeys), TNP have self-produced an EP that contains 3 original tracks of startling originality and diversity. Opener 'Elvis' is a post-post-punk anthem, with chant-along vocals, a skewed disco beat and weird computer squawks. C.16th starts off with industrial polyrhythms and CB chanted-vocals before mutating into thrashing punk-funk, with the 'we were right we were right' shout repeated over and over. The final track 'En Papier' is more expansive. You can hear the influence of the likes of This Heat and Liars, while the rhythm section is reminiscent of Lightning Bolt. The end of the song evolves into eerie musique concrète.