ARC054: Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave

Love Is A Wave

Artist: Crystal Stilts

Release Date: 25th May 2009

Release Type: Single

Formats: 7", download

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A: Love Is A Wave
B: Sugar Baby

The single features two brand-new songs that are not to be found on their album. 'Love Is A Wave' is a firm favorite of the band's live show, a perfect two-minute pop nugget in the best punk rock tradition.

Fired by an insistent fast-strummed riff, an eager beat and barely-contained feedback, 'Love Is A Wave' is an instant classic that stands tall with tunes like 'Never Understand' and 'I Heard Her Call My Name' in the noise-pop pantheon.

B-side 'Sugarbaby' is no slouch either, sounding like The Clean if they had been produced by Lee Hazlewood back in Arizona in the late 50s. With a spookily evocative keyboard line, breathless backing vocals and undistorted twang, 'Sugarbaby' could be from 1959, or 1969, or 1989. But it's pure 2009, and another great example of how Crystal Stilts have managed to mine rock's past and create something entirely new and crucial for today.