ARC017: Various Artists - Future Love Songs

Future Love Songs

Artist: Various Artists

Release Date: 27th November 2006

Release Type: Compilation

Formats: CD, download

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In the wake of seminal Rip Off Your Labels and The New Cross (compilation of the year 2004 – NME) which spawned the much hyped 'New Cross Scene' comes Future Love Songs the third compilation to be released by the fantastic pioneering Angular Recording Corporation, the label that launched the careers of Bloc Party, Art Brut, The Long Blondes, and Klaxons.

Compiled by Joe Daniel and Joe Margetts, the labels founders, from the songs and artists that excite them the most at the current time the compilation is a snapshot of romance, resistance and indignation in the underground music makers of the early 21st century. It does not conform to a specific genre, instead taking in the best of new music from across the land via New Cross, New York, Leeds, Sheffield, and Southend. From 'New Rave' (Klaxons, To My Boy) to No Rave (Lost Penguin), via the estuary delta's finest (The Violets, These New Puritans), and the best of 'New Yorkshire' (The Lodger, The Long Blondes).

'A snapshot of romance, resistance and indignation, and 'an explosive ice-cold ejaculation of genius-cool' (NME)

1. Twisted Charm - Happy Alone
2. caUSE co-MOTION! - Which Way Is Up?
3. Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow
4. These New Puritans - I Want To Be Tracy Emin
5. To My Boy - Outerregions (Demo)
6. Theoretical Girl - The Hypocrite
7. The Long Blondes - Lust In The Movies
8. The Violets - In This Way
9. The Lodger - Simply Left Behind
10. Lost Penguin - Pleasurewood Kills
11. The Be Be See - Eye T.V.
12. The Vichy Government - Elvis And The Beatles
13. Navvy - My New Building
14. Wetdog - Magnet Face
15. The Low Edges - Leave The House
16. Mitten - Poveri Rovinatori