ARC063: Wetdog - Frauhaus!


Artist: Wetdog

Release Date: 30th November 2009

Release Type: Album

Formats: CD, LP, Download

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After the release of 2008's 'Enterprise Reversal', WETDOG played around the UK, seduced Mark Ronson and then quickly set about writing tracks for the follow-up LP, 'Frauhaus!'

WETDOG will not be seen in some bar in Dalston pretending to like Italo Disco. Sarah will be at home, crying and listening to Morrissey. Rivka farms a tortoise and chickens in the Kent countryside. Billy lives in Arsenal and likes lego. Together, they form a triad of female energy vibes not seen since Wilson Phillips. The band have an affinity with Welsh genius, counting Datblygu and Euros Childs amongst their influences (there are hints of pastoral climes in the melodies), but The Wicker Man, Jeremy Kyle, Syd Barrett and Robert Crumb are just as likely to feature in any album-related discussions.

Rivka Gillieron (guitar, vox), Sarah Datblygu (drums, vox) and Billy Easter (bass, vox) agree on one thing – hard and sparse music contrasting with vocal harmonies. After their last LP's 22 tracks, WETDOG were under strict instructions from their label Angular Records to deliver no more than 14 tracks. 'Frauhaus!' will be released on November 30th this year.

1. Lower Leg
2. Trehorne Beach Song
3. Tidy Up Your Bedroom
4. Trees Fall
5. That Man Delivers Papers
6. Night Comes Down
7. Ethiopia
8. Wymmin's Final
9. Fist Face
10. Snapper
11. Round Vox
12. Long Long Time To Go
13. Waiting List (intro)
14. New Year