ARC021: The Violets - Foreo


Artist: The Violets

Release Date: 12th February 2007

Release Type: Single

Formats: CD, 7", download

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1. The Violets - Foreo
2. The Violets - Emerald
3. The Violets - Hang And Fall

Inspired by the the horse in Hitchcock's film 'Marnie', Foreo sounds like black painted corridors with single shade-less bulbs swinging crazily, alternating between casting dislocated shadows and shards of brightness. As with the film, Foreo is suffused with a sense of thrilling discomfort. With ominously driven verses and triumphant choruses, this song rises and rises with an ever quickening heartbeat.

'Emerald' over on the flip is a more primal affair and could easily be the meeting spot where both the Banshees 'Mirage' and 'Metal Postcard' converge. Skewed riffs muddied by razored psyche motifs buckle and bruise to a tribal like no wave vibe.

The doom-laden, darkly set kaleidoscopic and intimate sounding 'Hang and Fall' closes this deathly romantic feast of a single.