ARC034: These New Puritans - Elvis


Artist: These New Puritans

Release Date: 11th February 2008

Release Type: Single

Formats: 7", CD, download

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1. Elvis
2 .Fff
3. Hyper Favela (Loops Gold Song)
4. "Rock 'n' Roll Baby" (Sunni Geini vs. TNPS)

We're all waiting, or forever made
If there is a god, then please take me up.

Before you read this you must know something…for every action, there is a reaction, for every ying a yang and in the fuzzy world of pop saturated chart music, These New Puritans are definitely the re-action. These New Puritans inhabit a world of distopian idealism and unbounded musical intelligence both of which are perfectly encapsulated in what 'director' Jack Barnett terms their "pop song", Elvis.

Beginning with pounding, overdriven Bass that ominously leads you into Jack’s forthright estuary vocal before breaking out into George’s relentless hi-hat blistered drums and wired laptop melodics, Elvis isn’t so much a tour-de-force as an explosive war between My Bloody Valentine and Giorgio Moroder.

The flip-side 'fff' illustrates These New Puritans' eclectic side as frenzied layers of drumming combine with samples of trains, Timbaland-esque thuds and fugue chanting.