ARC049: The Vichy Government - Carrion Camping

Carrion Camping

Artist: The Vichy Government

Release Date: 2nd March 2009

Release Type: Album

Formats: Download

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The Vichy Government proudly present their debut album, 'Carrion Camping'.

It was not recorded in a state-of-the-art studio which did not have a swimming pool, and was not visited by a long succession of leather-clad groupies and cocaine dealers.

It does not feature collaborations with Iggy Pop or Simon Le Bon, it did not bankrupt Alan McGee, it will not appear in the NME's annual top 50 and it is not available in all good record shops.

1. I Control Discourse
2. The Protestant Work Ethic II
3. Who Makes The Calibans?
4. Arranged Marriages
5. Rivers Of Your Blood
6. Portmeirion 2m 29s
7. The Protestant Work Ethic I
8. Secretarial Elite
9. Young Girl
10. Make Love To The Camera
11. Orange Disorder
12. Death On The Instalment-Plan