ARC084: This Many Boyfriends - YOUNG LOVERS GO POP!


Artist: This Many Boyfriends

Release Date: 22nd August 2011

Release Type: Single

Formats: 7'' Vinyl, Digital

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1. Young Lovers Go Pop!
2. You Don't Need To Worry
3. Paul Simon

Angular Recording Corporation are proud to present This Many Boyfriends, a five piece indie funpop band from Leeds, and their brand new single 'Young Lovers Go Pop!', out on the 22nd August 2011.

‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ is a classic scruffy pop single in the vein of 'Hey Scenesters!', 'Blue Boy', or 'Caught By The Fuzz'. Wry smiles, knowing lyrics, and endlessly catchy shoutalong choruses, This Many Boyfriends embody the most euphoric pints-aloft moments at the indie disco.