ARC060: Angular Recording Corporation - An Angular Hamper

An Angular Hamper

Artist: Angular Recording Corporation

Release Date: 31st July 2010

ARC060 was buried at 3pm on 27th July 2010. It's contents are yours if you can find it.

To find the treasure you need to know the location of 3 colinear points: A, B & C.

Go to the centre of the circle at map ref N51° 27.561' W0° 1.457' (British Grid TQ 37357 75226) Face Midday, which is North.

Point A can be viewed aligned with 1 o'clock, and was labelled ARC001 by us on 21st June 2003.

Point B is the gap between the 2 objects that can be seen 60° clockwise from Point A, at 3 o'clock.

Point C is an Aesculus hippocastanum.

To find the treasure simply find the alignment which allows you to see point A through point B at all times. You have reached C when you can move away from A & B no further. The treasure is buried at your feet - approximately 2 feet from C on this exact line. If you extend the line a few metres beyond point C and an implement to aid your excavation can be found.