This Is Coldwave

Posted 8th December 2009 in Various Artists
This Is Coldwave Angular are proud to announce the forthcoming release of 'Cold Waves & Minimal Electronics Volume 1' - a new 17 track compilation put together by New York's Wierd Records founder Pieter Schoolwerth and Angular's Joe Daniel.

The album chronicles the secret underground cult genres of cold wave and minimal wave, which mostly originated from continental Europe between the years 1981-1985.

Joe Daniel: "About two years ago my good friend Al O’Connell (aka Alalal) played me some minimal synth tracks that had an immediate and considerable effect on me. They contained analogue synths that sounded sharp and icy instead of the warm squelchy noises that a lot of people use them for; Junos instead of MS20s, backed by the most primitive drum machines and oblique otherworldly vocals.
Most of this music came from early-80s Europe, and most of the groups only recorded a few songs, released a 7″ and then split up before anyone noticed what they were doing. I like the impossible romance you can have with a band when all you’ve got is a tape with three songs on it (all in French) and a single black and white photograph.

Ever since I heard this music I’ve been trawling high and low to unearth the greatest gems of this synth sound in order to make a retrospective artefact of the lost genre of music known as coldwave. With the considerable collaborative help of Pieter Schoolwerth from New York’s Wierd Records, I think we may have done it."

To find out more about this release and the music covered on the compilation, head over to Joe Daniel's Coldwave Blog, to preview some tracks which aren't featured, you can listen to THIS MIX which we compiled for Vice Blog.

This release will be available as a double LP gatefold, CD, and digital download on February 22nd.