Gyratory System Announce New LP!

Posted 21st January 2011 in Gyratory System
Gyratory System We are excited to announce that GYRATORY SYSTEM will release their second album 'New Harmony' on April 16th 2011.
Over the last year producer/trumpeter Andrew Blick has been holed-up perfecting a new batch of material using the band's customized recording technique, 'The Process'. Added to the melodic feel of earlier releases is an industrial, Einsturzende Neubauten/Cabaret Voltaire edge, plus an affinity with contemporary acts like Holy Fuck, Black Dice and Fuck Buttons. Or as The Quietus say, “New Harmony sounds like Caribou charming bees at a Medieval fayre.” Which sounds damn fine to me.
The album is preceded by a free download single 'The Knowledge' on March 7th and a single of the title track 'New Harmony' on April 4th.
They will be showcasing their new material at a special show on the 26th January hosted by The Quietus magazine in support of the fabulous 'Austra'.
Details HERE. Tickets HERE.