Posted 10th August 2011 in Angular Recording Corporation
Angular Recording Corporation

I just hope the rioters orchestrated this as a KLF-esque commentary on art and the value of commodity. Or maybe they'd seen The Wicker Man and decided to sort us all out with a good old sacrifice to ensure a good harvest next year.

Was it a crime or was it art? Was it destruction or was it rock n roll?

Either way, we and 164 other labels have lost EVERYTHING. All of our cds and records, all of our stock is gone. Entire back catalogues will never be the same again. Everything on Angular is now very very rare...

If you'd like to help us recover our losses and get back on our feet, the most helpful way would be to buy some mp3s from iTunes or from our online shop.

Thank you for all the kind messages of love and support we've been receiving, it's good to know you're out there. :-)