Sea Containers House

ARC059: Gyratory System - Sea Containers House

Single, 21st October 2009
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Cargo Cult

ARC058: Gyratory System - Cargo Cult

Single, 17th August 2009
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The Sound-Board Breathes

ARC056: Gyratory System - The Sound-Board Breathes

Album, 26th October 2009
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The Man Delusion

ARC055: The Vichy Government - The Man Delusion

Single, 21st June 2009
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Love Is A Wave

ARC054: Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave

Single, 25th May 2009
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Vanity Publishing

ARC053: The Vichy Government - Vanity Publishing

Album, 13th April 2009
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White Elephant

ARC052: The Vichy Government - White Elephant

Album, 29th March 2009
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Whores In Taxis

ARC051: The Vichy Government - Whores In Taxis

Album, 16th March 2003
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