ARC038: The Long Blondes - “Singles”

Album, 20th October 2008
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Enterprise Reversal

ARC037: Wetdog - Enterprise Reversal

Album, 28th July 2008
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Zah Und Zaheet / 8 Days / Alibi

ARC036: Wetdog - Zah Und Zaheet / 8 Days / Alibi

Single, 7th July 2008
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Swords of Truth

ARC035: These New Puritans - Swords of Truth

Single, 28th April 2008
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ARC034: These New Puritans - Elvis

Single, 11th February 2008
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4 Songs

ARC033: Navvy - 4 Songs

EP, 3rd March 2008
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Beat Pyramid

ARC032: These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid

Album, 28th January 2008
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Va, Va, Va

ARC031: Findo Gask - Va, Va, Va

Single, 24th March 2008
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Trig Point 6611

ARC030: Trig Point 6611

A Free Angular Sampler

ARC029: A Free Angular Sampler

EP, 1st October 2008
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