Posted 10th August 2011 in Angular Recording Corporation

I just hope the rioters orchestrated this as a KLF-esque commentary on art and the value of commodity. Or maybe they'd seen The Wicker Man and decided to sort us all out with a good old sacrifice to ensure a good harvest next year.

Was it a crime or was it art? Was it destruction or was it rock n roll?

Either way, we and 164 other labels have lost EVERYTHING. All of our cds and records, all of our stock is gone. Entire back catalogues will never be the same again. Everything on Angular is now very very rare...

If you'd like to help us recover our losses and get back on our feet, the most helpful way would be to buy some mp3s from iTunes or from our online shop.

Thank you for all the kind messages of love and support we've been receiving, it's good to know you're out there. :-)


Posted 25th July 2011 in This Many Boyfriends

Angular Recording Corporation are proud to present This Many Boyfriends, a five piece indie funpop band from Leeds, and their brand new single 'Young Lovers Go Pop!', out on the 22nd August.

‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ is a classic scruffy pop single in the vein of 'Hey Scenesters!', 'Blue Boy', or 'Caught By The Fuzz'. Wry smiles, knowing lyrics, and endlessly catchy shoutalong choruses, This Many Boyfriends embody the most euphoric pints-aloft moments at the indie disco.

They attack their infectious songs with as much vigour as is humanly possible and you can bear witness to this at White Heat’s Birthday show on August 2nd with Crystal Stilts.

The single has been rapturously received by the airwaves making the playlist at 6Music this week, and now you can hear it online below...

Young Lovers Go Pop! by Angular Recording Co

Young Lovers Go Pop! will be released on 7" vinyl with two brand new exclusive b-sides, pre-order available very soon...


Posted 24th June 2011 in Tim Key

On 9th June Angular hosted a show on Domino Radio. Tim Key and Alex Horne came along and listened to some Angular Classics whilst practising for an interview with a famous musician, and eating a salad (Alex). You can stream this event in it's entirety HERE. And be sure to check out some of Domino Radio's other impeccable programming whilst you're there...

Independent Label Market & Fresh Touch

Posted 8th June 2011 in Angular Recording Corporation

A couple of weeks ago Angular's 'Independent Label Market' saw some of the UK's leading indie labels alongside some of the UK's newest and freshest indie labels peddling their produce shoulder to shoulder at London's historic Berwick St Market.

The sun shone, Jarvis Cocker turned up to spin some tunes and a splendid time was guaranteed for all. Thank you if you made it down. Watch this space for news on future events!



Angular also acquired a new act at the Independent Label Market in the shape of 'Fresh Touch', an intriguing project lead by Richard Russell, head of XL Recordings and producer of Gil Scott-Heron's wonderful final album. Richard is joined by remarkable young producer Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, Cerbral Ballzy, Esben & The Witch etc), who runs the XL Studio. Recorded in Ethiopia last year, 'Fresh Touch' also features both local and some very well known Western musicians.

In a nice circular turn of events Richard was also one the guys behind 90's rave pioneers Kicks Like A Mule, whose track 'The Bouncer' was covered by Klaxons way back on ARC012.

XL were offering a 'Record Label Starter Kit' to the highest bidder at their stall and Angular swept in to win with a late bid as the market was packing up.

You can read an interview with Angular's Joe Daniel about the signing here at The Quietus

more news to follow!

‘Independent Label Market : Berwick Street’ THIS SATURDAY!

Posted 18th May 2011 in Angular Recording Corporation

Angular's Special Treats for the Independent Label Market include :

ARTIST APPEARANCES! Your favourite Angular acts will be selling their own records at the market at these times :

12pm - 1pm : TIM KEY - Yes. The lager swilling poet will roll up his sleeves and may waggle a conductor's baton.

1:30pm - 2:30pm - GYRATORY SYSTEM - Our brass ravers will be putting down the trumpets and donning their flatcaps for an hour to meet their public and flog some punnets of 'New Harmony' CDs

3pm - 4pm - THESE NEW PURITANS - Southend's finest will be swapping their chainmail for those denim apron money-bag things and hawking some whelks, eels, cockles and mussels. And maybe a few TNPS rarities too.

RARE GROOVES! We will also have a selection of rare and sought after Angular products on sale at the event, including... :

KLAXONS- 'GRAVITY'S RAINBOW' - Klaxons first ever release, a 7" white label on white vinyl, with sleeves decorated by the band themselves with rainbows and smiley faces. Only 10 copies left in existence and we'll be selling the lot on Saturday.

THESE NEW PURITANS - 'NOW PLUVIAL' - Long before the vibraphones and kids choirs this EP marked the scratchy and distorted birth of TNPS. Elvis / C16th / En Papier, three songs that announced the band as a singular proposition. "We were right, we were right, we were right"