Artist: Various Artists

Various Artists Angular have a long history of making compilations - our first ever release being 'The New Cross : An Angular Sampler'... We have released 3 compilations of new bands, including songs by the following artists: Bloc Party, The Fairies Band, The Vichy Government, Nemo, The Violets, Luxembourg, The Swear, Elizabeth Harper, Lovers of Today, Art Brut, Ladyfuzz, Gifthorse, The Bridge, Mark Sampson, The Fucks, The Long Blondes, Showboys, The Boyfriends, Sweetie, The Rocks, Twisted Charm, caUSE co-MOTION!, Klaxons, These New Puritans, To My Boy, Theoretical Girl, The Lodger, Lost Penguin, The Be Be See, Navvy, Wetdog , The Low Edges, and Mitten.

Coming in early 2010 is the definitive compilation of early european synth music entitled 'Wierd presents: Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol 1'. For now, you can explore more about this forgotten genre by visiting Joe D's Cold Waves Blog.