Artist: The Violets

The Violets The band formed in 2003 as a bassless garage punk trio when guitarist Joe Daniel met vocalist Alexis Mary in a tea room in Pinner, a suburb in North West London. They discovered a shared affinity with emotive and confrontational music and the pair soon wrote a song 'Laxteen', which was recorded in New York in a studio owned by producer Scott Rosenthal. Upon returning to London Andrew Moran was recruited as drummer and the trio played their debut at Brixton Windmill.

The Violets early gigs saw them playing stark, spiky and minimalist punk that evoked early art-school punk bands such as Delta 5, The Au Pairs and Lene Lovich. The song 'Laxteen' appeared on Angular Records first release, a compilation entitled The New Cross : An Angular Sampler. Over the next couple of years a flurry of 7" single releases followed which saw the band steadily evolve into a captivatingly cinematic post-post-punk four piece, taking in everything from Patti Smith to 80's Berlin synth groups (Malaria!, DAF), via Prag Vec, D.N.A., and the psychological horror films of Dario Argento. Dressed like Warhol's Factory associates making a cameo in 'Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari', The Violets created a seamless and seductive image for themselves. There was a spiky borderline between their monochrome, starkly lit world and the fuzzy-edged sepia tones in which many bands were all too content to portray themselves. Towering blonde siren Alexis spat out songs over a twisted melee of frenzied guitar, melodic bass, and "what sounds like six drummers" (NME). The result was both exciting and otherworldly.

At the start of 2007 The Violets released their most acclaimed and successful single to date, 'Foreo'. This song was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film Marnie, which featured a horse named Foreo. The band supported this release by touring with The Gossip, including a show at the London Astoria as part of the NME Awards Shows.  In March and April 2007 the band recorded their debut album, which was released in November 2007. Entitled 'The Lost Pages', this album saw the band broaden their horizons further, drawing inspiration from a range of disparate influences such as Neue Deutsche Welle, David Lynch and French Coldwave. Released to critical acclaim and underground success, the record was toured throughout 2008, at the end of which The Violets disbanded and went their separate ways. They are survived by the band 'Not Cool', singer Alexis' solo projects, and the label Angular Recording Corporation.

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