Artist: The Vichy Government

The Vichy Government "Spare 79p towards a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, guv?" As nobody does corporeal records these days, Angular have re-released The Vichy Government's three albums via iTunes along with a digital only compilation of singles and rarities, entitled 'Vanity Publishing'.

Here are some brief notes on the oeuvre of everyone's favourite Casio Nihilists...

'Carrion Camping'
'Carrion Camping' was not recorded in a state-of-the-art studio which did not have a swimming pool, and was not visited by a long succession of leather-clad groupies and cocaine dealers. It does not feature collaborations with Iggy Pop or Simon Le Bon, it did not bankrupt Alan McGee, and it is not available in all good record shops.

'Whores In Taxis'
The sessions for this album were fraught with tension, characterised by chaos throughout and ran astronomically beyond budget. Mr. Andrew Chilton presided over the production. George Martin sodomised five-year-olds over the mixing desk, Trevor Horn sodomised Jamie in the vocal booth, Steve Albini snorted cocaine from the thighs of Martin Rushent, Giorgio Moroder ordered pizzas for Bloc Party's studio, Brian Wilson merely shat himself and Todd Rundgren was the tea boy.

'White Elephant'
2008; the age of Oyster cards, self-service supermarket tills and 5p flights to Singapore. The Internet is everywhere, diffused through the air, as ubiquitous and as ready as oxygen. All music is free and all music is available on tap. No matter how rare, you can find it in seconds and you can save it onto your hard drive along with the other 500,000 songs in your music library. If you really like it, you'll probably choose to put it on your mobile phone and force fifty total strangers to listen to a tinny, distorted version of it, whether they wish to or not. New albums, like soggy, boot-printed copies of Metro on the floor of your bus home, have a clearly defined shelf life of 24 hours. You can make your own music on your laptop too; and everybody who can, does. They sign up to Myspace; their recordings are seashells on a beach, needles in a haystack. Radiohead try to give away their new album. We're still not remotely interested. All music is free and all music is worthless.

We too have had our nostrils fouled by the stench of 2008. We tried to think of ways that we could combat it, and put a small grain of integrity back into the role of the artist. But we couldn't think of any, so we decided to have our petty bit of revenge by adding our own little bit of stench into everybody else's nostrils. Thus was 'White Elephant', the third Vichy Government album, born.

'Vanity Publishing'
We’ve collected together all our singles, and some other even rarer tracks - covers of Nirvana, Jona Lewie and Cher. As to brief band biography/background/profile, I've been doling out this crap for six years and I really can't be bothered. Write your own fucking review. I couldn't care less whether you listen to the thing or not. Just bang your head on the typewriter til you have your 500 characters, then submit that. I guarantee you'll have made much more sense than any other music journalist has managed to before.

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