Artist: The Fucks

The Fucks Identical twins George and Jemma started their career as a trapeze act, touring mostly Grays, Thurrock and the less fashionable areas of Czechoslovakia. In an unsupervised Open University experiment, Jemma tragically became semi muto-morphed with a mini wig for mice with Alopecia. Unperturbed, for months they struggled on but were fired in favour of a Moorhen.

George's sight began to fail after years of semi boredom and Night Nurse abuse, triggered by an incident involving a woman's breast milk. Conifer trees did nothing to help the situation and caused the eventual demise of the so-called and self styled 'Christmas Spirit'.

Jemma's foray into the world of lap dancing was brief and singular. The fast food industry was still discriminatory concerning semi nude mouse morphlets. And so alternate sources of income needed to be found. With no lower to be sunk, they were forced to face the inevitable and find their grubby foothold on the slippery steps of the staircase called music.

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