Artist: Navvy

Navvy Formed from parts of several underground Sheffield bands including Texas Pete, In Theory and the incredible Wisconsin Death Trip - and by advertising in the local laundrette, Navvy are a 4 piece pop combo from Sheffield (via Derbyshire, Wales and Oxford).

Navvy draw inspiration from sources that are not traditional in the pop or rock worlds. The idea behind the band sprung up when Keith the principal songwriter started writing lyrics from a very mundane perspective. Everyday things such as plastic bags, buildings, TV documentaries, and books, became the starting point for the songs, rather than relationships with people. The songs also seem to search for 'riddles' and 'hidden meanings' behind these apparently 'ordinary' topics, discontentedly questioning the value placed on everything.

Musically they draw on this fractured and discombobulated feeling. As with the lyrics the music purposely takes expectations, breaks them up and re-assembles parts in the 'wrong' order, altering the meaning by cutting and pasting.

Chopped up and Choppy.

Claiming little awareness/knowledge of the New Yorkshire phenomenon as they were busy doing their own thing, Navvy's music bears little affinity with that sound.

Their debut album 'Idyll Intangible' was recorded over 8 days with the mighty Alan Smyth using seven vintage synths, all sorts of percussion and a 12 string guitar.

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