Artist: Findo Gask

Findo Gask Remember when you first saw Boy George or Bowie as Ziggy on Top of the Pops and you couldn't decide if it was a boy or a girl? Didn't know how or indeed whether to respond? Hard-on or moisture? It's not easy being a punter. You might get a bit of that when you hear Gerard Black of Findo Gask, a band named after an old Jacobean town southwest of Perth in Scotland. We described yesterday's screeching male harridan as sounding like "a choirboy on speed" but Black, when he really takes flight, has the neutered, androgynous tone of a celibate hermaphrodite angel. He makes Björk sound like Arthur Mullard, Billy Mackenzie like Isaac Hayes. And when that sweet, soaring falsetto combines with Findo Gask at their most ecclesiastical, well, we're talking Aled Jones sings Cocteau Twins.

Of course, Findo Gask haven't quite ascended to those stratospheric heights. When you start bandying around names like Associates, Björk and Cocteaus, the ABC of ethereal, celestial pop, you're really ladling on the superlatives and making comparisons with the all-time greats. Nevertheless, their debut single Va-Va-Va is bursting with promise and suggests these four classically trained musicians, who met at school in Kircaldy, Fife, and have already supported Franz Ferdinand, are capable of great things. It's Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, to cite the emergent Californian DIY synthkid, easily a phrase that could be ascribed to Findo Gask. Other phrases used in connection with FG's brand of electronic heartache are "astonishing", "absolutely brilliant" and "staggeringly good", the highest echelons of Radios 1 and 2 using every weapon in their complimentary arsenal to sing its praises and praise Black's singing. Now all the band have to do is be at least half as good as certain people are saying they are, and they'll be twice as good as nine-tenths of their peers. We never were very good at maths.

Taken from The Guardian Website

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