Artist: David Westlake

David Westlake David Westlake was the driving force behind The Servants. They featured on the influential NME C86 cassette with the song, "Transparent". After the Servants split, having released two singles, Westlake recorded a sensational eponymous LP in 1987 on Creation Records. This was followed by a new line-up which featured Luke Haines (later of The Auteurs) on guitar from late 1986 to September 1991, releasing a third single "It's My Turn" and an album entitled "Disinterest".

After a twelve year absence, Westlake pressed up an album of new material in 2002. It was recorded in a week in Kilkenny, Ireland with a band including ex-Perfect Disaster guitarist Dan Cross. The songs are slower than before, but stronger. It’s a brilliant reverb laden collection of understated but supremely infectious ballads. With a nod to Loaded-era Velvets in the atmosphere of the record, it’s also - as one reviewer put it “ the greatest Go-betweens song you’ve never heard”. However the album has an original feel all of its own - consistently brilliant and incisive songs put together to create a truly rewarding listen.

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