Designing The Angular Logo Part 3

Once we'd settled on the logo shape, we decided to refine the logotype, colour and shape of the outer box. The typeface chosen was Courier New for it's utilitarian connotations which seemed to connect well with the aesthetic of the label, and the text was positioned at a 60 degree angle to match up to the plug shape. The outer box was flattened and the corners rounded more to produce the version below; which would be the official ARC logo for the next 5 years:

The most recent change took this place this year, when we decided to make the lines of the logo and box bolder, simplify the shape of the logo, and revert to a Gill Sans typeface, with the emphasis on the word 'angular'... This has allowed us to have 3 versions of the logo for 'recording corporation', 'publishing' and 'store', the first of which can be seen here: