Designing The Angular Logo Part 2

Once we'd found the basis for the logo, the next job was to calculate the angles and scale of the metal plug (easy! 180 / 3 = 60 degrees between each prong) and make a representation of it in a vector graphics editor. You can see how this looked here:

This gave us a good idea of the scale and dimensions of the plug and how it would look with some text added. However, it was obvious that this was too complex for a logo and strayed from the original brief to produce an imaginary map symbol... so back to basics we go, this time on a photocopier. This version is getting closer to the final logo now, with three identical shapes that fit together.

As you can see there were two different options - the rejected one filled in the corners of the shapes to make bolder blocks. I still quite like this one, and it may one day be revived for a sub-label called 'Triangular'... However the top option was deemed the best, so we set about adding text (in the OS approved Gill Sans font) and a border with curved corners to produce this - the proto ARC logo: