Designing The Angular Logo Part 1

Looking through some old files recently I discovered my orignal sketches and attempts at designing the Angular logo... I thought it might be interesting to chart it's evolution here over the next few blog posts, and explain why it's like it is. The actual logo is based on the metal plug which can be found at the centre of Triangulation Pillars - and you can read more about them HERE. The final logo is very similar to this plug, although there was a little deviation on the way.

I also wanted the final logo to have the simplicity of a public information sign, and I've always been very keen on the OS maps key - so it was a case of turning the OS Plug into an imaginary OS map key symbol, some examples of which can be seen here:

So, to my first sketch... This it just a rough drawing of the Trig Point metal plug, and a list of the points i'd like to incorporate into the logo. The triplet theme - three prongs, three words in the label name was important...